I led off with Carlos because there sure nuff hasn't been much good to write about him

I led off with Carlos because there sure nuff hasn't been much good to write about him?this year, so when he does well, important to give him his props.But the Star Of The Day was, as usual, Michael Bourn.Honestly, I am really trying to not write headlines about the boy every day, but he keeps excelling.To put it mildly.He walked replica Longines L2.678.4.11.2 Men's watch three times?(and scored) stole 3 bases, made 2 OF assists threw out Iwamura after McCutchen LODP (and McCutchen is pretty darn good his own self had a clean single to left, beat out 2 IF hits and stole a base AND he is one HOTTTTT man, too, that perfect body like Michael Bourn and Bradley Awesomeness and yes, I know we aren't selling jeans here) and scored 2 runs.

They need to work out in advance who catches what where and signals, if they can't hear each other.Yes, I KNOW Burke is a second baseman, but this is NOT because of Burke's inexperience out there.They BOTH at fault.Which is what made them look like minor leaguers.-Problems between Biggio and Lane this time costing us the ballgame.Them boys ain't rookies and there's NO excuse for not knowing how to yell I replica Bedat 788.010.301 Men's watch Baserunning it seems that Phil is gonna send the runner for either SB or HR on the very first pitch.Because that's what he did every single time.

And he has done exactly that since Opening Day.Ensberg was out by a mile in the 4th and Burke would have been in the second if Minky had made a good throw on the pickoff.Not cool to be so predictable.Aggressive, keeping the pitcher off balance, replica Bedat 838.040.100 Ladie's watch taking the extra base good.Stupid, bad.Hit and run ain't gonna work if the hitter don't have good enough bat control to take the pitch to right or up the middle, and it's been the rookies at bat, for the most part.Hitting? Ensberg is looking like a cleanup hitter.

there was a reason Met fans jumped for joy when he left

him drop the ball) 2 runs 2 on.Franco (there was a reason Met fans jumped for joy when he left) to face Floyd, who singles in shallow center and Taveras can't throw home accurately to nail Castro, a CATCHER, who should have been nailed.2 more (unearned) runs to Springer.Qualls finally shuts the door, but it's too late they lead 8-4.Looper, who pitches well at Shea, gets a 1,2,3 9th.Gloves?-Morgan Ensberg looked great (sorry, we replica Bedat 314.031.9 Ladie's watch good news) GREAT leaping catch, nice accurate throws and made it look easy.-Adam Everett made his second bad throw in 2 days overthrew first again,

know it wasn't entirely his fault because?Springer shouldn't have thrown to him in the first place, but…..)- Lane VERY unfair that he should be charged with an error because Biggio ran into left to get a popup and bumped into his glove with the ball in it.Second day in a row that Biggio cost him an error.I also don't know what the wind was like out there, but he didn't catch 2 FB and let them drop, and that's NOT like him replica Bedat 114.060.300 Men's watch Taveras well, he can't throw accurately to home from shallow centermunication --Problems between Taveras and Burke, TWICE.Fortunately, it didn't cost us a run.

But the impossible has happened and a mainstream ESPN columnist, Jerry Crasnick, has written an ENTIRE article about Adam, and the mind boggling lack of recognition Adam has received from the media and from the NL managers and coaches who vote for the Gold Glove awards.Read this:“Within the confines of the Houston clubhouse, replica Ulysse Nardin UTC Dual Time Men's watch Everett's teammates… rave about his preparation and positioning, his knack for the difficult look routine and his ability to execute routine plays with such dispatch that it's test-pattern-caliber boring to watch.

We manage to pull ahead on 2 runs off their gawdawful bullpen

Wheeler let 1 2 inherited runners score, so Pettitte pitched 5 1 3 innings, 3 ER, 9 H, 2 BB, 4 K, 104 pitches.Wheeler gets a 1,2,3 out 7th.We manage to pull ahead on 2 runs off their gawdawful bullpen (Aybar and Koo) before Roberto Hernandez comes in and shuts the door.Springer.Oh dear.Looked fine against the Reds, looked like a replica Bedat 888.018.310 Men's watch pitcher against the Mets.Fo, BB, single, reach on Everett's overthrow (his own damm fault shoulda held the runner and thrown to first yes I know that Baggy couldn't throw home to nail the runner, BUT…) single, IBB, error (Biggio bumps into Lane as Lane catches the pop-up

Yes, you read that right.Carlos Lee tripled to the RF bullpen, then came home on a throwing error by the cutoff man, Crosby.Did I mention that it was a 2 RBI triple?Yes, Carlos (no Clank today) had himself a very good game made 2 good catches, replica Longines L3. Ladie's watch one at the scoreboard, one in shallow left that he came in for when he was playing deep.He also singled and stole a base on one of his patented look for when the pitcher doesn't know you're alive, then trot into second.

Tonight, Burke was walked to face Adam and he came through with a nice RBI single.He was 2 fer 4 and would have gone 3 fer 4 if Amaezega hadn't made an outstanding play on a sinking looper to center.Heh!Everyone has had to listen to me complain replica Ulysse Nardin 320-90.69 Men's watch for 3 years that Adam don't get no respect for his glove wizardry from the national media, just the statly inclined.As Chris Dial wrote, “If Ozzie Smith was as good as Adam Everett, he was incredible.”

it's not like Wilton Lopez wouldn't want to return

I mean, it's not like Wilton Lopez wouldn't want to return, you know what I'm sayin like replica Longines L4. Ladie's watch ! So then he got 2 quick outs.This looks like the first 8 games Astros, you know what I'm talkin about.The Reds ain't the Phils/Giants, but they ain't the Pirates neither and the guys best get their stuff together cuz the Box wasn't even half full tonight and yes I know it is Tuesday.Tomorrow, it's Paulino vs Mike Leake, the guy they drafted last year and didn't think he needed any minor league time.I just hope that Mills pulls Paulino WHEN he loses it instead of waiting until he LOSES.

hehhehhehhehhehheh.Bad news (besides not bringing in Lidge) and the rookies not gettin it done -Biggio has another Buckner out there today, and he got HBP in the left arm bone went down like he'd been shot.The Shea crowd booed Biggio when he got up to take his base that was BAD manners, to be nice about it.He left the game hope the replica Bedat 314.011.610 Ladie's watch bone ain't cracked cuz there was a giant purple lump there..The other sad news, in the first, he hit a FB 358 to left, which would have been in the Crawford boxes back home and we'd have won the game.If Biggio can't play tomorrow, we'll be starting 3 rookies and jason Lane in the field, and Brandon Backe in his first full year as a starter, starting.

WhoA.We got the fielding working this game, the hitting in the first, so we need to put em together and go win tomorrow!Where should I replica Bedat 768.020.63 Men's watch ?!Tom Glavine pitched a fantastic game 6 IP 4 H, 1 ER, 3 BB and 6 K.Today, he had great control of the FB and fooled guys inside.He SHOULD have won this game, but his bullpen screwed it up.(I wonder just how many wins his bullpen has lost him since he joined the Mets…)Andy Pettitte looked great for the first 5 innings -85 pitches.


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